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[aspectj-users] AapectJ ant task iajc and version number

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I am using iajc ant task and seeing different version number for Aspect j compiler for 2 different ant versions.
I am using Aspect 1.2.1 to build my project and using version=true to see asopectj compiler version.

If I use ant 1.6.1 version to build I am seeing incorrect version 1.1 for aspectj compiler
   [iajc] AspectJ Compiler 1.1.1

If I use ant 1.6.5 version to build my file I am seeing correct version 1.2.1  for aspectj compiler

      [iajc] AspectJ Compiler 1.2.1 built on Friday Nov 5, 2004 at 12:30:41 GMT

Any one seen this issue? Is I am missing something?
Do I have to update ant version to 1.6.5 to use Aspectj 1.2.1 compiler?


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