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Re: [aspectj-users] hashCode() for mixin?

Hi! :o)

OK, it turns out (I think), that thisJoinPoint doesn't work for inter-type
declarations (at least, I got a compile error), but you made me see that I
needed to use the interface as a target - all I had to do was change from
this(mi) to target(mi) in the advice I had:

public aspect FieldDisplayableHash {

  pointcut miHash(MixinInterface mi):
    call(public int Object.hashCode()) && target(mi);

  int around(MixinInterface mi): miHash(mi) {
    int hash = proceed(mi);
    return hash ^ mi.state.hashCode();


Thanks!  (now I must return to working on Mule...)

PS I didn't actually have a hashCode method in the interface -p

Holger Hoffstätte said:
> (hi Andrew, good to see you here too :)
> andrew cooke wrote:
>> Now I want to alter the hashCode method on the affected classes so that
>> the value reflects not just the state of the original class, but
>> includes
>> the mixin state too.
> I cannot test right now but maybe thisJoinPoint().getTarget().hashCode()
> will give you what you want? I had a similar problem a long time ago and
> *think* that was what got me further.
> hth,
> Holger
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