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Re: [aspectj-users] pointcut on Thread.run()

You can't advise execution join points (for which the shadow is) in a
java..* package. However, if you have your own types implementing
Runnable, a pointcut of the form:

pointcut  run() : execution(* Runnable+.run());

can be used to match the execution of the run methods in your Runnables.

On 18/11/05, Debbie Rinkevich <debbie.rinkevich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am trying to define a pointcut on Thread.run() so I can catch the thread
> when it is called from java.util.concurrent.* (ie from one of the
> ThreadPooling classes). It would appear that this is not exposed (I am using
> LTW). Am I mis-understanding something?
> Those classes are not exposed to the LTW infrastructure, no matter the
> configuration of the aop.xml file(s):
> All org.aspectj.* classes (and subpackages) - as those are needed by the
> infrastructure itself
> All java.* and javax.* classes (and subpackages)
> All sun.reflect.* classes - as those are JDK specific classes used when
> reflective calls occurs
> Thanks
> Debbie Rinkevich
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