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[aspectj-users] Suppressing or filtering crosscutting information in AJDT

Hello everyone,

I would like to draw your attention to AJDT bug 86106 where a discussion is going on about different possibilities for filtering or suppressing crosscutting information in AJDT.  The bug was raised based on several people's desire to be able to get rid of the gutter markers for very prolific aspects - described as "annotation spam" in order to better see where other aspects are advising.  Another proposal was to allow users to customise the icons for different aspects, e.g a padlock for a locking aspect etc.  There are several different viewpoints as to how these setting should be configured, including via annotations on the aspects, via the Visualiser menu or via a preference page in AJDT.  There are also differing opinions about what should be allowed and whether or not it should be possible to share (as in CVS) these settings.  

We would appreciate any comments from users about what you might find useful in this space.

Thanks in advance,