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[aspectj-users] 1.5M4 aspectjrt.jar duplicate entries

I downloaded 1.5M4 today and plugged it into our build environment
this morning.  After fixing our code to respect the more rigorous
generics handling (thanks!), I noticed one thing with the runtime jar:
it seems to be filled with duplicate entries.

I downloaded the 10M aspectj-1.5.0_M4.jar, and ran it.  The extracted
aspectjrt.jar (in my aspectj1.5\lib folder) was 162k, and contained
190 entries (including the manifest).  Many of these appeared (in
WinZip) to be duplicates.  For example, I saw two
ajcDeclareAnnotation.class in org.aspectj.internal.lang.annotation
package.  If I attempted to delete one of them (in WinZip), both

This came up because as part of our build and deployment I need to
sign jars so they can run in a restricted sandbox (via jnlp).  We
invoke the java jarsigner using the ant <signjar> task, and that task
fails because of the duplicate entries.

To work around it (in our environment), I extracted the contents of
the jar using WinZip.  When prompted, I selected "Yes" to overwrite
entries.  I then re-zipped the contents.  This created a jar that was
105k with 121 entries.  Our code compiled and passed tests with this
jar, and we were able to sign and use it.

Seems there is something amiss, though?


Paul Christmann
Prior Artisans, LLC