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Re: [aspectj-users] Eclipse Book: Source codes plug-in can not be used in the lastes AJDT

I'm currently looking into making the book examples work with the
latest AJDT.  The code for each example is actually stored in the
examples plugin you will have installed, take a look in:
eclipse/plugins/org.cchw.ajdt.examples_1.0.0/archive and there you
will see a jar file for each chapter.  You should (I've not tried
this...) be able to create a new AspectJ project then unjar one of
these archives into it - that will create the necessary src and
test-src folders.


On 21/09/05, Guofeng Zhang <guofeng@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want create a new project for Eclipse AspectJ BooK Example using New Project Wizard. but When I select Finish, I got Project Creation Failed dialog with org/eclispe/ajdt/internal/core/AJDTUtils displayed in it . The Problem View display "can't find type org.aspectj,lang.joinPoint'.
> Where Can I download only the source files?
> thanks
> guofeng
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