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[aspectj-users] java.lang.AbstractMethodError ?


  I am getting this strange exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AbstractMethodError: com.aspectcms.service.components.cache.Cache.init(Lcom/aspectcms/IEngine;)V
at com.aspectcms.service.content.Content.getContentById_aroundBody3$advice(Content.java:163)
at com.aspectcms.service.content.Content.getContentById(Content.java:1)
at AspectCMSTester.main(AspectCMSTester.java:19)

it happens on a line in my aspect:  cache.init(engine);

cache is interface visible to aspect, engine is also interface visible to aspect.
Implementation of cache interface is com.aspectcms.service.components.cache.Cache which
is dynamicaly loaded in the aspect just before line above.

The rest of Cache methods works fine, just this one where I try to pass interface as a type
breaks with the above exception.

Am I doing something wrong or this is bug? I am using AspectJ 1.5M2.
I saw that same problem happened before (bug 49657) but it seems to be resolved in 1.2.1 version.