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[aspectj-users] AspectJ with weblogic application server6.1/8.1!!!

Dear All,

>From below URL it is clear that weblogic6.1 supports AOP.


      I executed sample programs standalone and it is working fine. Here I'm attaching aspect program (ISRAspect.java) and it is listing on getIP method in IPManager.java program. I compiled the both programs with 'ajc' and updated PATH and CLASSPATH with AspectJ for starting the weblogic(startweblogic.cmd). The server is starting OK but it is not showing the message (In callSayMessage!!!!!!) which is to be fired after getIP() method is invoked.

    Keeping aspects.jar file in CLASSPATH and adding below lines in server startup( as per http://dev2dev.bea.com/utilitiestools/monitoring.html)


When I ran the server in weblogic6.1(windows) it is displaying

Pre-processor weblogic.aspects.AspectClassPreProcessor loaded and initialized

but it is failing to deploy ‘DefaultWebApp’ because of that I couldn’t able to validate AOP messages(windows.log file in attachment).

When I carried the same steps in weblogic8.1 in LINUX it is showing following message (linux.out file in attachment)

<ClassLoader><W>Pre-processor class 'weblogic.aspects.AspectClassPreProcessor' not found

But the server is running fine and it is not showing AOP messages.

Please let me know how to use AspectJ in weblogic6.1/8.1. How to use AspectJ with EJB stateless session bean methods?

Thanks in advance.



Sharath Kumar Reddy Karnati


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