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RE: [aspectj-users] Addressing classes that arent being compiled

Hi Mark,

If you try :
pointcut textFieldInit () :
Object around () : textFieldInit()
       Object obj = proceed();
       JTextField txtFldInit = (JTextField)obj;
       System.out.println("TextFieldInit!" + txtFldInit);
	 return txtFldInit;

You are using an around advice instead of 'after returning'.  When you
call the proceed() method in an around advice - this carries out the
method being advises, and returns values as normal.  In this case it
returns your newly created JTextField, which you can then use in your



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Thank you for your reply. I had tried this, however without the '+', as 
this is new to me (as I understand this means also for any subclass). It

matches fine when I use:

pointcut textFieldInit () :
after () returning : textFieldInit()

This matches fine, but I cannot relate to the instance of JTextField. 
Due to the nature of my experimenting I would like to get hold of the 
actual instance of the JTextField after it has been initialised, so I 
figured to use the following:

pointcut textFieldInit (JTextField textField) :
        call(JTextField+.new(..)) && target(textField);
after (JTextField textField) returning : textFieldInit(textField) {
        System.out.println("TextFieldInit!" + textField);    

Now this does not match very well as I receive the following error:

D:\..\userinterface\TestAspect.aj:22 [warning] advice defined in 
userinterface.TestAspect has not been applied [Xlint:adviceDidNotMatch]
after (JTextField textField) returning : textFieldInit(textField)

So something is going wrong there :-(, what am I doing wrong? Or am I 
trying to do something that isn't that natural? (I am making new 
instances of JTextField obviously in my program...)



>You /can/ pass compiled .class files into the AspectJ weaver using the 
>-inpath option, but you probably don't want to be weaving rt.jar. 
>Changing your aspect slightly to:
>pointcut textFieldInit() : call(JTextField+.new(..));
>after () returning(JTextField textField) : textFieldInit()
>  System.out.println("TextFieldInit!" + textField);
>should give you want you want. The "call" pointcut matches join points 
>on the calling side, which is where you are...
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