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[aspectj-users] aUnit 0.1 released

Hi everyone,

The first release of the source and binary distribution of aUnit is now available from www.aunit.org (via Sourceforge). This release contains a framework that piggybacks on the JUnit framework so it can take advantage of the existing JUnit integration with Eclipse. The aUnit framework executes a series of test steps that each present a representative context to the aspect being tested, executing the corresponding advice as required by the test developer.

This release relies on AspectJ 5M2 and Java 5 (due to the use of annotations) but in the next revision I'm hoping that we can put something together that works without the need for annotations (using something like the ASM to construct implicit contexts).

The important thing is that this is a working test framework now with a set of examples available in the source download to show you how to create aUnit tests. I'm now looking to put together some how-tos over the next week or so and then some more comprehensive tutorials as the feature set matures.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, especially that AspectJ team. Hopefully now aUnit can mature into something truly useful.

Have Fun and any support in the development of aUnit is greatly appreciated!


Russ Miles