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Re: [aspectj-users] remote objects


On the server side it is a simple case of advising the execution of the
remote method implementations. On the client side it might be easier to
advice calls to implementers of the remote interface then you would also
know where the calls were being made rather than trying to weave stubs.

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"Sirrurg" <sirrurg@xxxxxxx>@eclipse.org on 01/04/2005 09:44:08

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The instrumentation would be for tracing purposes to figure out the usage
of the remote objects. Actually i think it would be sufficient to
the stubs, as they will be used anyway. But i am not sure if there are some
other aspects i missed to look at, thats why i am asking.
Probably someone already has expirience with it?!?

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> Sirrurg@xxxxxxx ha scritto:
>>hi everyone,
>>i have a question. Is it possible to use aspectj also on rmi objects?
>>and whats about the need of the library then?
> hi,
> i'm not an expert about RMI, but the question is: why should'nt it work ?
> Do you need to instrument stub or skeleton .class files? And if so, to do

> what ?
> How would you like to use AspectJ in your use case?
> bye,
> Valerio
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