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Re: [aspectj-users] remote objects

The instrumentation would be for tracing purposes to figure out the usage
of the remote objects. Actually i think it would be sufficient to instrument just
the stubs, as they will be used anyway. But i am not sure if there are some
other aspects i missed to look at, thats why i am asking.
Probably someone already has expirience with it?!?

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Sirrurg@xxxxxxx ha scritto:

hi everyone,

i have a question. Is it possible to use aspectj also on rmi objects?
and whats about the need of the library then?

i'm not an expert about RMI, but the question is: why should'nt it work ?
Do you need to instrument stub or skeleton .class files? And if so, to do what ?
How would you like to use AspectJ in your use case?

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