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Re: [aspectj-users] Source of AspectJ1.1, Finally but ...

Nadia Guerroumi ha scritto:

You know I spent all my day with debian vesion without any result and now I am loading the last version from eclipse CVS.

so you're using the AJDT plugin, correct ?

Before having the source I was doing only with the ajc
> ajc Nadia.java Aspect.java
> java Nadia
Now I suppose with the source I will do some thing like this
> java ??? Nadia.java Aspect.java *What is the complete command please??*

correct me if i'm wrong: do you want to compile AspectJ source codes ?
If so, i don't think you can compile at the same time aspectj compiler and any other AspectJ source file AND weave the base classes...
it's necessary a 2 step process.

They speak in the documentation about a command:

where exactly did you take this suggestion ?

java -jar aj-build/jars/ajbrowser-all.jar *{compile arguments}*
*So what are the compile arguments are they my files Nadia.java and Aspect.java???*

In this case, you don't want the sources of aspectj (since you're using a jar archive)...

try to explain me what exactly are you trying to do: if you need to understand the weaving process (how mungers work, mostly), i think the paper mentioned is enough.; if you need to see how mungers are implemented, or how the weaving process is, or how the aspectj compiler is implemented, these are different things.
I suggest you to investigate about BCEL, because it is heavily used in the weaving process.