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Re: [aspectj-users] How to use JAVA5 Annotations

Which version of AspectJ 1.5 are you using?  1.5.0M1 can't compile
1.5 constructs, it can only weave them.  *But* if you have a recent Dev build
of AspectJ (see the downloads page), everything you have described should
work (although you will need to mark your Inspector annotation with
runtime retention).


Rodrigo Gonçalves <locomotiva_diesel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: aspectj-users-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

27/02/2005 14:58

Please respond to

[aspectj-users] How to use JAVA5 Annotations

I'm working on an aspect using JAVA5 Annotations but can't seem to make the weaver understand what annotations are...
(I'm using J2RE1.5 and aspectj1.5)
I'm getting trouble on three code snippets:
1) On the following pointcut:
public pointcut setAsGet() : within(@Inspector *) && set(private * *.*);
 ...the weaver says: [error] Type referred to is not an annotation type: pp.Inspector
2) on the Annotation definition:
package pp;
public @interface Inspector


...the weaver says:
[error] Syntax error on token "AT", delete this token public @interface Constructor
3) and when I use the Annotation:
public int getField()
 return field_;

...the weaver says:
[error] Syntax error on token "AT", invalid AspectHeaderName

Now, what am I doing wrong? This is just a simple-as-hell aspect and I can't seem to make it work right or to figure why the weaver can't understand what I coded.
Also, I'm using the Annotation definition in a .java file, the aspect in a .aj file and the the class that makes use of the Annotation in another .java file.
Thank you very much

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