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[aspectj-users] AspectJ + Groovy?

Hello All,
I'm just wondering if anyone has tried to use AspectJ and Groovy
together in any sort of combination.  I'm sure it's possible, but
mostly I'd like to start a discussion both on how the two can be used
together.  Additionally, maybe we can start a set (or subset) of
documentation for the AspectJ docs on the topic too.

A few discussion topics to consider (this list is by no means exhaustive):
1.How to write aspects in Groovy
2. How to attach aspects to Groovy code
3. The possibility of the AspctJ toolkit and AJDT supporting Groovy
4. The possible uses / advantages the two working together might have
over traditional Java + AspectJ development

If any of these topics should be moved to the aspectj-dev mailing
list, please don't hesitate to move them there.


P.S. Although I've been following the AspectJ mailing lists for a
while, I think I'd like to get involved now, most likely with
documentation.  Any guidance would be helpful in this matter too.  You
can just email me directly about that if you'd like.  Thanks! :-)