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RE: [aspectj-users] JAVA5 Annotations

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Hi Rodrigo,
Java 5 is the release *after* J2re1.4.1_02.  Annotations are only available in Java 5.  Therefore you should upgrade your version of java to the latest version (may be called Java 5 / Java 1.5 / j2re_1.5 - they all mean the same thing).
The simple answer is yes the problem is in using J2re1.4.1_02, because this does NOT support annotations.  NB - There is a later version called J2re1.4.2 which also does not support annotations - so avoid this one as well.
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I'm trying to write an aspect that contains a pointcut that captures JAVA5 Annotations. I also have a couple of classes annotated.
I'm getting some nasty messages from ajc when it comes to processing the Annotations.
I was wondering if you need to import the java.lang.annotation.*; package in order to process the annotations. So I included the afforementioned import in the code but ajc says it cannot resolve the package.
I'm running ajc on a somewhat old machine with J2RE1.4.1_02 (also somewhat old), and I'm using AspectJ 1.5.0 M1 running on a MS-DOS Shell.
So, is the problem in using J2RE1.4.1_02 or on the innability of ajc in getting java.lang.annotation.*; ?
I would appreciate if someone could help.

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