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Re: [aspectj-users] eclipse AspectJ Book

Hi Gerry,
This list is a perfectly appropriate place to post questions relating to the use of AspectJ and AspectJ-related tools (including AJDT). AJDT does also have its own newsgroups, but the developers monitor this list closely too. If someone spots, say,  a typo in the book, then probably the whole list isn't interested in that and it would be more appropriate to email the authors direct.

For the record, our email addresses are:
adrian_colyer at uk.ibm.com
clemas at uk.ibm.com
matthew_webster at uk.ibm.com
gharley at uk.ibm.com

Onto the question in point, it sounds like there is something fundamentally broken in your AJDT setup - AJDT *is* continually improving, but the basics of converting a project to an AspectJ, creating new aspects etc. have been stable for a good while. What version of Eclipse and of AJDT are you using? I'm suspicious this could be a v3.0 <-> v3.1 mismatch type issue...

Regards, Adrian.

-- Adrian

Gerard Fisher <gerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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29/01/2005 12:50

Please respond to

[aspectj-users] eclipse AspectJ Book


I've just bought a copy of the AspectJ team's new book and have tried to work through the Simple Insurance example. However, I have encountered a problem in converting from a Java project to an Aspect project - I get a "Build Configuration Error" message.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the Simple Insurance application's context menu indicates that the conversion was successful. However, this is not the case since I cannot create an aspect either - I get the meassage "An error has occurred when creating this editor". I am now stuck at page 37. I suspect that discrepancies have crept in between the example and the Eclipse platform since the book went to press.
Indeed, there are differences between the book and the downloaded example.

Now, before I get stuck into further details will the moderator please advise if this is the right forum for questions relating to the book. I'm unsure since the authors have omitted to leave a forwarding address for any queries. If the authors are reading this posting should I assume that that this is a case of caveat emptor and cease further postings on this subject?




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