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Re: [aspectj-users] load-time weaving plans?

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[quote Matthew Webster::on 1/27/2005 1:12 PM]
| Adrian,
| The first thing to point out is that while the AW and AspectJ projects have
| merged along with their contributors and communities the code bases
| (largely for licensing reasons) have not. The experience of LTW which Jonas
| and Alex have brought with them has made a tremendous contribution to the
| AspectJ 5 specification, most of which has already been prototyped and is
| in the process of being committed in time for the March final release.
| To answer your question improving weaving performance during development
| the best solution is to use incremental compilation
| (http://eclipse.org/ajdt/whatsnew120M2/). That way you get the advantage of
| all the structure information (Outline, Cross Reference and Visualiser
| views). We are planning LTW support for AJDT but you have to pay the
| weaving cost some time i.e. when you run the program. This approach may be
| more appropriate for optional infrastructure aspects i.e. tracing.
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| Adrian Powell <apowell@xxxxxxxxxx>@eclipse.org on 27/01/2005 05:26:57
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| Subject:    [aspectj-users] load-time weaving plans?
| The LTW page in the Developer's Workbook (
| ) looks exciting.  Is this still a vision, or are any of these pieces
| available today?
| I've found the performance of the AJDT weaver to be a common gripe with
| some teammates and even though the AJ team has made some impressive gains,
| there is still a large gap.  I wonder if the AW LTW would be a good tool
| for development, when we are constantly saving, and so rebuilding.  In the
| full build and deploy, we can still use the static weaver for runtime
| performance.  It seems an easy (if maybe inelegant) way to get immediate
| and dramatic performance improvements.
| Thoughts?  Has any one else tried this out?  What is the vision for merging
| AW with AJ?
| cheers,
| -adrian.
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Is there a cvs set up for the merge? Where can i find this info?

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