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Re: [aspectj-users] Announcing the release of the AspectJ Cookbook

Congratulations on getting this book out. I'm really looking forward to 
reading it : it will be a very complimentary addition to the growing set 
of resources around AspectJ and AOP in general. It feels like there's a 
real growing sense of momentum around AspectJ and AOP at the moment, and a 
lot of that is due to the fantastic contributions of the user community. 
Writing a book is at the pinnacle of user contributions because of the 
huge amount of effort involved. 

Many thanks for all your contributions to the project,

-- Adrian

Russell Miles <russellmiles@xxxxxxx> 
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16/01/2005 22:53
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[aspectj-users] Announcing the release of the AspectJ Cookbook

Hi everyone,

I've been putting off the announcement because of delays at 
Amazon.co.uk getting copies but now that everything seems sorted I'd 
like to let you all know that my book, the AspectJ Cookbook (O'Reilly), 
is now available at 
http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/aspectjckbk/index.html and 

In many ways it's a strange cookbook because it works you right through 
from getting started with AspectJ to advanced issues like design 
patterns (traditionally Cookbooks are pitched at roughly the same level 
throughout) but that was actually the aim; to give everyone a great 
reference for those beginner to advanced day-to-day AspectJ coding 
problems. At least that's how I use the book :)

Definitely not a definitive look at the theory of aspect orientation 
(the cookbook format is not there to hit the theoretical button 
really), my book is about getting to the code as quickly as possible in 
a "no fuss, just stuff" kind of style. I hope my book will sit 
alongside the other great books on AspectJ as a complimentary way of 
mastering the language; that's certainly how it sits on my desk next to 
Mastering AspectJ, AspectJ in Action and hopefully the new book from 
the IBM folks as soon as Amazon gets in gear.

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone that helped out while I 
was writing the book. Especially to Ramnivas Laddad (thanks for the 
coffee and excellent advice!), George Harley and of course Adrian 
Colyer. People like you make this a great community to be involved; if 
only every open source project could be so lucky.

Cheers and looking forward to doing my bit for AOSD and AspectJ in 2005!

Russ Miles
Author, the AspectJ Cookbook
URL: www.russmiles.com
Book URL: www.aspectjcookbook.com

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