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[aspectj-users] candidate feature req: Perthis and Pertarget deactivation


I was wondering whether pertarget and perthis aspects could benefit from a deactivatedAt pointcut? Percflow aspects have a well-defined point at which they are eligible for garbage collection. This is nice because there's a well-defined lifespan during which the aspect can advise join points. As it stands, there's no way for a developer to turn off, say, a pertarget aspect based on runtime information (short of using if() pointcuts).

I'm envisioning something like:

public aspect PerTest pertarget(activate()) deactivatedAt(deactivate()){

pointcut activate() : call(public void Thing.activate(..)) && target(Thing);

pointcut deactivate() : call(public void Thing.deactivate(..)) && target(Thing);

void around(Thing thing) : execution(public void Thing.work(..)) && this(thing){
System.out.println("->Only affects activated things " +thing);
System.out.println("<-Only affects activated things " +thing);


Of course, the name deactivatedAt probably needs some work.

I don't have a specific usecase in mind, it just seems that for consistency I ought to be able to control the deactivation of perinstance aspects the same way I can control activation.

Does anyone else think that this feature is warranted/useful? Does anyone use perthis and target aspects enough to warrant fiddling with them?


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