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[aspectj-users] cflow across thread or processes


I wonder if there is any good practice to let aspects communicate over
thread and process boundaries. I have an aspect that catches method calls
"in the front", and "backend" aspects that are active within the cflow of
the "root"  aspect. These "backend" and "root" aspects need to be related to
each other: I need to know which "backend" instance is active within the
cflow of which "root" instance. Currently I have this:

"Root aspect"

public abstract aspect RecordingAspect percflow(instrumentedMethods()) {

"Backend aspect"

protected RecordingAspect getRootAspect() {
	return RecordingAspect.aspectOf();

This works in my simple test case: but I expect this will not work outside a
single VM, or even across thread boundaries. Is there any good practice to
solve this issue?



Serge Beaumont

Technisch Architect
Sogeti Nederland B.V.
T  +31  (0)20 660 66 00 + nakiesnummer 0391

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