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Re: [aspectj-users] Problem compiling J2SE 5.0 source with ajc

Hi Russ,

At the moment if you want to use 1.5 language features then you have to build your source with 'javac'.  Command line 'ajc' in the 1.5.0M1 build supports binary weaving of 1.5 classes built with a 1.5 javac.  

So, in your case, you might do something like javac your source file that includes the @Override aspect and then use the class files produced from that as input (using -inpath) to the ajc compiler.  Yes, its painful - can you imagine how painful it was for us to write the testcases for the new features ?!?! :)

We have been waiting for the Eclipse team to get their compiler to support 1.5 language features and then we can rebase ajc on it.  The Eclipse 3.1M4 compiler *does* support annotations so we plan to move to this compiler level imminently - I imagine a 1.5.0 M2 would be available immediately after we have done this piece of work.

The '-1.5' flag you can pass to ajc is not (currently) determining the source level, it is telling the weaver whether to behave 'in a 1.5 way'.  What does that mean?  Well with changes in Java5 we have changed some of the AspectJ rules. An example would be the Java5 autoboxing behavior which you can find discussed in the AspectJ 5 programmers notebook:


Basically, we have changed the rules and allowed more types to be compatible and 'boxed' between- this can cause your pointcuts to match more join points than they used to.  As well as offering the cool new stuff, we want AspectJ5 to support our existing users working on Java 1.3/1.4 who won't be expecting any changes in behavior - this is why when we make a change in the rules like this, we force the user to activate the new behavior by specifying the '-1.5' flag.

Andy Clement
AspectJ Committer

Russell Miles <russellmiles@xxxxxxx>
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04/01/2005 14:19

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[aspectj-users] Problem compiling J2SE 5.0 source with ajc

Hi list,

A new year begins and I thought I'd have some fun putting the new J2SE 5.0 features of AspectJ through their paces. However, I've hit a snag on the first attempt. I've got a dead simple class that uses the @Override standard annotation to indicate/check that the toString() method is being overridden properly. The class does nothing more apart from supplying a main method that makes the call to toString() on a constructed object. All works fine with javac but as soon as I try to use ajc I get:

Syntax error on tokens, delete these tokens

Ok, so this seems like something dumb that I've not done correctly on the ajc command line so I checked out the help and added the -1.5 to the ajc command line just in case ... to no avail. I even rooted through the generated ajc script to see if there was anything odd but with no luck. Can someone give me a push in the right direction as to what I'm doing wrong?



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