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Re: [aspectj-users] Replacing a dynamic list of arguments


Using reflection in playback mode is your best bet because you can't use
thisJoinPoint with proceed(). To get the argument types you need use

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I am creating a framework for "record and playback" regression testing. In
the "record" part I use around advice and XStream (Websphere 4 runtime is
JDK 1.3... no 1.4 XMLEncoder, alas) to serialize thisJoinPoint.getArgs()
the return value from proceed(). So far, so good, works like a charm.

What I can't figure out is how I can take the deserialized Object array and
pass it to the method in "playback mode". You only seem to be able to pass
in arguments if you use args(something) in your pointcut, but that's not
generic enough, this forces me to think up all the signatures I neatly
avoided in the record part...

I tried args(Object[]) and args(), and that doesn't work, no method matched
anymore (don't have any Object[] params) but I tried to be sure, to see if
there wasn't a special case...

I tried setting values in the Object[] from thisJoinPoint.getArgs(), by
simply doing thisJoinPoint.getArgs()[0] = "Dummy value", but that doesn't
have any effect.

I guess I'm stuck with using reflection to get at the method and invoking
instead of using proceed(). Still trying to figure out how to create the
Class[] array I need for
thisJoinPoint.getTarget().getClass().getDeclaredMethod(methodName, Class[]

Does anybody have a suggestion? Is there some AspectJ thingy that does what
I want?



Serge Beaumont

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