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RE: [aspectj-users] Are you teaching an aspect-oriented programming course? Do you know someone who is?

> If you are teaching a course on aspect-oriented programming 
> or software 
> development, or are teaching a course that includes some 
> material on this 
> topic, or you know of some establishment that is, I'd love to 
> hear from 
> you (if you're thinking of offering a course, that would be 
> interesting 
> too). Please drop me a line either on-list or off-list to let 
> me know the 
> name of the establishment and the nature of the course. 

  I teach AOP / AspectJ on a two day intensive course offered by FCS
Partners, a Finnish IT training house. The web page for the course is

  The page is in Finnish, so you propably won't understand most of it,
but you'll recognize the word "aspekti". = )

> Also please let me know whether or not you want to be linked from a
section on the AspectJ website.

  Yes, please.