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[aspectj-users] advanced(?) percflow uses


is there a way to define a percflow aspect so that it lives one level
above the percflow expression? what i would like to do is to define a
percflow aspect that is alive in the entire method from where a given
set of other methods are called.

and on an even higher level: i would like to write a WarningCollector
aspect that my session bean methods can fill up, and the ui methods can
query for warnings.

aspect WarningCollector percflow(sessionBeanMethods())

void someUIMethod()



  // unfortunately on this level the aspect is not alive anymore

the only solution i know of is to list not the ejb methods in the
percflow() definition, but rather the methods that call any ejb method.
but this is not a nice way to do, error-prone, etc.

any ideas?

thanks in advance,

- 101