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RE: [aspectj-users] AJDT Dev build available: 1.1.6

Try using Eclipse's 'Help > Software Updates' function.


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Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2004 3:29 PM
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Subject: Re: [aspectj-users] AJDT Dev build available: 1.1.6


I tried accessing the link: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/ajdt/dev/update.
 It bombs with an access forbidden (403) message.  

--- Andrew Clement <CLEMAS@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> With the recent interest in getting the latest
> AspectJ fixes available in
> AJDT- and the fact that the future version of AJDT
> (Codename: Lancaster) 
> will only probably only run on Eclipse 3.0M6 and
> beyond, we have decided 
> to build and package a new version of AJDT for
> Eclipse users working on 
> any level of Eclipse up to 3.0M4.  We would like to
> do more testing and 
> tidying up before promoting this as a full
> production capable build - but 
> hopefully some of you will find it useful. 
> AJDT v1.1.6 as it is being called is *not* from the
> Lancaster codebase, it
> is still based on the same technology as 1.1.4, but
> it contains many 
> fixes/improvements for both AJDT and AspectJ.
> The update site URL is the AJDT dev update site:
> It will work on any version of Eclipse up to and
> including 3.0 Milestone 4
> - with one restriction (New aspect wizard, see
> below)
> ---
> FAQ for AJDT 1.1.6
> == Hey, whatever happened to v1.1.5?
> After 1.1.4, we did release (although not
> publically) a few minor updates
> in a 1.1.5 dev release.  We've decided to brand this
> new version as 1.1.6 
> - allowing anyone who managed to obtain 1.1.5 to
> recognize it as an update 
> on the update site.
> == Whats different between v1.1.4 and v1.1.6?
> Loads of fixes across both AJDT and AspectJ.  There
> are some features in
> AJDT that have been in the codebase for a while but
> haven't been exposed 
> to end users before:
> 1) New Aspect wizard - can now create aspects with
> the .aj suffix.  The 
> suffix for aspects is configurable under the AspectJ
> tab of the AspectJ 
> Project Properties page.  This wizard unfortunately
> has an Eclipse 3.0 
> dependency - which I only just noticed !  You cannot
> use the new aspect 
> wizard on a version less than eclipse 3.0 - if you
> are on 2.0 or 2.1 you 
> should use the new class wizard and then modify the
> class that is created 
> to make it an aspect.
> 2) Building behaves much better.  There were
> numerous bugs in how we
> handled building of projects.  Although we don't
> have fully correct 
> incremental compilation in this version, the 'build
> on save' option works 
> really nicely - *the build that is triggered on save
> will occur using the 
> currently selected .lst file*.  By default when you
> save any aspect or 
> class in your AJDT project, we will perform a build,
> the structure view 
> will be updated correctly and crosscutting
> annotations will immediately 
> appear (if the file you have saved is covered by
> your currently active 
> build configuration).  If you want to deactivate
> this option, open the 
> Window->Preferences->Workbench page and deselect
> 'perform build
> automatically on resource modification'.
> 3) Integrated examples.  The examples shipped with
> AspectJ are now
> integrated into AJDT, do File->New->Example and you
> can install them as 
> projects.
> 4) Cross references view.  This is kind of a preview
> of what will be
> coming in Lancaster.  The crosscutting structure
> that normally populates 
> the outline view is going to be pulled out into this
> cross references 
> view.  For a given selected java element it will
> show any advice affecting 
> it, or any places it affects.  *In AJDT 1.1.6 the
> structure continues to 
> also appear in the outline view, so you may choose
> to simply close the 
> cross references view*
> == I keep getting some kind of 'type already
> defined' error on
> compilation?
> I have seen a few problems with build configurations
> that I haven't seen 
> previously - sometimes you will get a build error
> that says 'type already 
> defined'.  This is because an entry in the build
> configuration file has 
> been duplicated - you won't see the duplicate in the
> .lst file if you open 
> it with the normal build configuration editor, you
> will need to open the 
> .lst file with the text editor and delete the
> offending duplicate.
> So, its a bit ragged around the edges, but hey, its
> a dev build :)
> ---
> Andy.
> AJDT Development

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