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Re: [aspectj-users] Intertype Questions after porting to 1.1.1

Wes Isberg wrote:
Hi Paul -

Thanks for upgrading!

Glad to. Sorry it took us so long! :)

In reverse order:

- Use the iajc task, not Ajc10, if you can.
  (though results *should* be the same)

Definitely. I only used Ajc10 while trying to verify whether the behavior I was seeing existed in earlier releases or not.

- Please do submit a bug for the reflective-invocation of
the constructor defined by the aspect (presumably publicly);
it will at least result in a doc clarification.  Try it
first with the latest compiler.

Will do.

- Is Reservation an interface?

I've tried it with Reservation as an interface, and found that the only way I could get my test code to work was:
a) Reservation interface included the method, and
b) My Object in the TestCase was a Reservation object:

    Reservation res = new ReservationImpl(argsGoHere);

If I wrote:

    ReservationImpl res = new ReservationImpl(argsGoHere);

I still got the same behavior - I couldn't access the introduced method, even though it was declared on the interface that ReservationImpl implemented. As I read the rest of your email, I think you say that I should expect what I did encounter - at least with 1.1.1 as released.

But I'm not going to look any further than this given that:
a) both you and Ron indicated that there was a known bug that has been fixed in CVS Head, which I'm (unfortunately) not going to get to look at soon, and
b) I've found a perfectly reasonable work around - I actually didn't need the intertype declarations, and could just move the methods onto the affected class.

Hope this helps!

Definitely did, and thank you as well for the prompt response!


Paul Christmann
Prior Artisans, LLC