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R: [aspectj-users] Hot code replace fails

Before submitting a bug: here is my situation.

I use Eclipse to debug a web application. Without Eclipse
each time I modify the code I should reload the web application.
This operation takes a lot of time. With Eclipse when I modify
the code the debugger replaces (via hot code) my changes.
It's great, because this way I don't have to reload the application.

If I use Aspectj:

1) with incremental mode I never get changes to be reflected on tomcat
(simply nothing happens, .class of files I changed stay as they were)
2) without incremental mode I get "verified detected internal inconsistency
or security problem".

I think the biggest problem is in case 1). Way doesn't it compile my changed

Note: there are no aspects in my test project, so there should be no problem
at all...

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> Oggetto: RE: [aspectj-users] Hot code replace fails
> As far as I know we haven't analyzed the limitations that AspectJ
> imposes on
> the use of hot code replace.  Could you submit a bug report on
> this?  Please
> describe the sorts of changes that you expected to satisfy the hot code
> replace.
> The simple cases (e.g. change method implementation) should work
> in theory.
> Changing pointcuts, advice, or inter-type declarations can cause classes'
> interface to change, so I would expect that to fail in most
> cases.  (I look
> forward to the day VMs understand aspects better..)
> Mik
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> > I'm working on a web application using tomcat and aspectj.
> > I can't get the hot code replace to work. When I debug the tomcat
> > session and kick a full rebuild the hot code replace fails
> > (add method not implemented). I can't use the incremental
> > compilation (it doesn't seem to work 90% of the time).
> > Anybody experiencing this behaviour?
> > Is there a workaround?
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