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RE: [aspectj-users] visual advice support?

Hello George,
Sorry, forgot the oldest support rule in the book:

AJDT 1.1.4 (based on AspectJ 1.1.1) released on September 22nd, 2003


Version: 3.0.0

Build id: 200308281813 

How do I determine the M-number from this id?


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Hi Ted,

What are the versions of the AJDT plugins and Eclipse that you are working with ? If you are on Eclipse 3.0 then be aware that at present AJDT does not work with the M5 and M6 builds.

Best regards,
George C. Harley

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I installed the ajdt plugin into eclipse.  I created a little program with
an aspect that works.  But,
eclipse does not seem to have a visual indication of where my advice applies
- there's no hyperlinks between
the aspect and the source code it applies to.  I've seen this kind of visual
support in the JBuilder version.

Is this support provided in the eclipse plugin?  What may be the problem?  


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