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[aspectj-users] Re: [aspectj-dev] incrimental compilation

Ok, admittedly iajc will not (in 1.1) behave like javac.

Does anyone have any good examples of how to recreate the desired behavior
(fast compiles)? In other words, do you launch one ant script and leave it
idling while launching another to do post-processing, packaging, and
deployment? How does the second script know when the first is done with an
incremental compile? Has anyone done this and relied upon it for their main

The reason I'm asking: VMS (my company) just introduced AspectJ to the
project this week and the main complaint is slow incremental compiles during
the compile-deploy-test cycle.

If we manage to figure it out before someone assists, I'll post the solution


On 1/15/04 1:56 PM, "Wes Isberg" <wes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The AspectJ compiler does not support a mode like the
> Javac Ant task where the set of input files are pruned to
> remove files that haven't changed since a corresponding
> .class file changed.  That can produce incorrect file
> sets even for Javac, and AspectJ always needs to know
> precisely which files it is supposed to be compiling,
> since aspects potentially affect any class.  (This is
> covered in the AspectJ FAQ.)
> You have another option:  Use the Ant task "tagfile" option,
> and modify the tagfile whenever you want to kick off another
> incremental build.  This will leave the compiler
> "idling", but that's the only way to make us of
> the in-memory cache for incremental compilation.
> See the ant task docs for more details.
> http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/indextech.cgi/~checkout~/aspectj-home/doc/devgu
> ide/antTasks.html
> Wes
> Peter Litvak wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any way to get an incremental compilation with AspectJ compiler
>> using ANT task? The incremental mode that described in the documentation is
>> not what I need. In that mode you have to run your build script and then
>> after full compilation is done the compiler is sitting there and waiting
>> until you press 'r' to rebuild (then it rebuilds only changed files) or 'q'
>> to quit. This is so called "online" mode. Where I need an "offline" mode
>> because I use ANT build script from an IDE other than Eclipse and I cannot
>> have the compiler to idle.
>> Basically I want to make AspectJ Ant task to behave pretty much like regular
>> javac task.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Thank you,
>> Peter
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