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[aspectj-users] online sample code

We're gathering sample code and tutorials to make it easier for users
to find known solutions.  I just pushed a first cut out to the web.
From the AspectJ project home page, you can click the documentation
link on the sidebar, and then the [samples] link.  Or just go here:


It has things like:

- advising recursive calls
- pointcut libraries where you can redefine the pointcut
  for a given set of clients
- instructions for using AspectJ with J2EE
- implementing double-dispatch

We encourage any contributions not already in the repository, whether
snippets or frameworks or tutorials.  Unless you object, you name should
forever be credited for that sample!  Just email them to aspectj-users,
or if they're too big to inline in an email, wrap them up in a zip file
and submit as an attachment to a Doc bug (er, "enhancement"):


We'll push them out to the web as soon as they're verified.

Enjoy -

P.S. - For more information on how the samples are maintained, see


See also past emails on point: