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[aspectj-dev] Use of aop.xml

Hi Sudharsan,

I am working on a similar solution like yours, where i have to weave an
aspect during execution of a method.
I am working on a solution where mock dependencies for junits are done with
AspectJ(without spring)
and during execution of a test method those dependencies should be weaved so
that the real calls to the classes/ DB can be replaced by mock classes.

I am done with my aspect code, but i am unable to weave this aspect to the
code, point is that i have to do this using aop.xml.

The project structure is like that

1.Aspects- Here all the aspects are written, they are not ABSTRACT, as the
requirement is like that

2.Tests - Here all the tests are written

The test project .classpath has refrences to aspects and the code base

If you can help with a small snippet , it would be great.