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[aspectj-dev] Re: [eclipse.org-committers] Eclipse Project Reviews

One more thing...

AJDT 2.0.0 will be released as soon as possible after the release review has been completed successfully.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 9:38 AM, Andrew Eisenberg <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For those interested and are members of the Eclipse foundation, you may want to participate in the AJDT Release review call on June 24.  Details are below.

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From: Anne Jacko <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 6:13 AM
Subject: [eclipse.org-committers] Eclipse Project Reviews
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Hello all,
Below is the schedule of upcoming project reviews. Review Calls take place only if an Eclipse member, using the project's Communication Channel (given below), requests that the call be held. Otherwise, the EMO will decide the outcome of the review based on the docuware and community feedback.
The request for the Review Call must be posted at least 24 hours before the scheduled review time. The EMO will post a message on the Communication Channel stating whether or not the Review Call will be held. The EMO will also post the results of the review on the Communication Channel. 

Project Reviews

Wed, 24 Jun 2009RAP IncubatorCreation Review (docuware) at 1500 UTC
Wed, 24 Jun 2009PaveCreation Review (docuware) at 1500 UTC
Wed, 24 Jun 2009JettyGraduation/Release 7.0 Review (docuware,project log) at 1500 UTC
Wed, 24 Jun 2009Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP)1.3 Release Review (docuware, project log) at1500 UTC
Wed, 24 Jun 2009AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT)Release 2.0 Review (docuware, project log) at1500 UTC
Wed, 24 Jun 2009Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF)Continuation Review (docuware) at 1500 UTC

Reviews are held on a conference call for Eclipse Members. Members (and committers are members) are directed to the MyFoundation portal for the call-in information. If you do not have access to the portal, send email to EMO to request the call information.

Communication Channels
Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) Incubator: http://www.eclipse.org/newsportal/thread.php?group=eclipse.technology.rap
Pave: http://www.eclipse.org/newsportal/thread.php?group=eclipse.pave
Jetty: jetty-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP): dsdp-ercp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF): atf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT): ajdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Anne Jacko

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