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[aspectj-dev] 1.6.4 plans

Hi all,

I just wanted to share some goals for 1.6.4 with everyone on the dev
list and maybe get some feedback.  The AspectJ codebase in the best
shape ever and for once, release on release, the number of bugs is
decreasing drastically.  With the recent improvements in AJDT we are
actually reaching a point where it is not so painful to convert a
project from Java > AJ nature.  So it makes me wary of tackling any of
the larger items for 1.6.4 that may lead to destabilization, such as
the new 'intertype {}' syntax.  Instead I feel we should tackle all
the little glitches here and there that detract from the development
experience and really get things working smoothly.  Effectively 1.6.4
being more a bug fix and further polish release - rather than anything
too radical.  I'll take comments on what people thing about this?

To follow up on this, I might post on the users list for people to let
me know about any glitches they see, anything at all.  All those
little things where they just say "Oh, AJDT just does that, I just
press the emergency 'clean all' button" - these are problems that
traditionally people probably haven't been reporting but have just
been tolerating.