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Re: [aspectj-dev] NPE with @args

Hi Eric,

I reported it now as Bug 257833 and create a simple eclipse project to reproduce the problem.


Eric Bodden schrieb:
Hi Oliver. Although I am not a developer in the aspectj project I
think it's fair to say that this looks a lot like a bug in the
implementation of the aspectj compiler. I think it would be good to
raise a bug report.


2008/12/7 Oliver Böhm <boehm@xxxxxxxxxx>:

I defined a @NotNull annotation to protect in the first step constructors
like this:

   public NotNullTest(@NotNull String s) {

I defined the following pointcut and (empty) advice:

   pointcut ctorWithNotNullArg() :
       execution(*..*.new(*)) && @args(NotNull);

   before() : ctorWithNotNullArg() {
       // empty

When I call the NotNullTest constructor with a null string I get a
NullPointerException pointing direct to the first line of the constructor:

   at patterntesting.check.runtime.NotNullTest.<init>(NotNullTest.java:48)

I don't understand why I got a NPE here. When I use "args(String)" instead
of "@args(NotNull)" it works normal. Is this behaviour a known bug or did I
something wrong?