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Re: [aspectj-dev] ASTParser and AjASTVisitor

Fernando Rubbo wrote:

> I'm pretty new in this forum and I'm not sure if here is the
> correct place to post my question. 

Except that not too many people seem to read this list, I think it is
the optimal place for your question.

> I'm working with AjASTVisitor but I could see bindings are not
> being resolved. So, my question is:
> There are people working on this?  For which release it is planning to be implemented?

From what I read on the lists, I get the impression that it will
still take quite a while until bindings will be resolved. It does not
seem to be a major issue.

I'm dealing with the same problem. Someone in my lab implemented a
dirty hook that advises a method during the build process. At that
time, the bindings are available but it means you have to work with
the internal AST representation. For example, classes in the package
org.aspectj.org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.ast. And there is no
documentation in there.

I'm considering switching to the abc compiler for my next project.