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[aspectj-dev] AspectJ1.5.4rc1 available for download

We are pleased to announce the release of AspectJ1.5.4 release
candidate1.  It is available from the AspectJ download page:


It includes fixes for numerous problems we have addressed since
AspectJ1.5.3.  There is a link from the announcement article on the
homepage that can show you all those that have been addressed, see

Please download it and give it a go, if no serious problems are found
then I'll release the final version in a week.

And don't forget to use your bugzilla votes to indicate to us how
important our open issues are to you.

An AJDT release containing 1.5.4 should follow shortly.

Good progress has also been made on AspectJ1.6.0 in parallel with the
effort on 1.5.4 and a first milestone of 1.6.0 may be available soon.


The AspectJ Team.