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[aspectj-dev] Compilation procedure to build modified jdtcore-for-aspectj.jar


    I am an AspectJ novice trying to modify the AST generated by the AspectJ
compiler. I am trying to modify the jdtcore-for-aspectj.jar by building from a
modified shadows module. 
    I read in the README file for the module that I need to build the module
using build.xml in the shadows directory to get the modified
jdtcore-for-aspectj.jar and jdtcore-for-aspectj-src.zip. Is my understanding
    However, when I try to build it using build.xml found under shadows module,
I get the following exception.

      [cvs] Caught exception: CreateProcess: cvs
-d:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/home/eclipse checkout -rv_315_R21x
org.eclipse.jdt.core error=2

    Am I trying to build from the right build.xml? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,