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[aspectj-dev] Can throw arbitrary Checked Exception in around?

Does anyone know how to throw abitrary checked Exception in around?

When I try to write advise which throw arbitrary Exception
It always show me error message can't throw checked Exception 'xxxx'

Only way to throw exception without error is
 Object around() throws AnException: call(* *(..) throws AnException)  {
    throw new AnException();

But problem is that it must be written to every Exceptions and even it is done
it can not be prevent new Exceptions.

Is there any solution for this problem?

If there isn't, I hope aspectj developer make a solution like this.
when aspecj compiler weaving
suround the advice by try catch block
check throwable can be thrown by target point cut
if it can be thrown by the point cut just rethrow it
if not just wrap it with RuntimeException and throw it.

It may reduce performance but does not brake Java Language Specification and reduce a lot of works.
It will be not a problem if compiler give warning about performance penalty Or only some special grammar allow to throw checked Exceptions(like: Object around() throws * : somePointcut()).

I hope there is some solution already exist but i don't know about it.

Thank you.