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Re: [aspectj-dev] JUnit Classpath in Batch Testing

I think there should be a dependency between the tests project and the Java 5 projects like weaver5. This would greatly simplify the classpath issue. The weaver and weaver5 projects are only separated to allow them to be built using separate compilers and target a 1.3 runtime environment for the weaver. However there are actually shipped together in the same aspectjweaver.jar. There _is_ a dependency when running under Java 5 because we need Java15ReflectionBasedReferenceTypeDelegate and this dependency had to be fixed up by the harness. I don't like that and it means we have to keep a hard-coded CLASSPATH in AjcTestCase. It also means I can't write JUnit test in loadtime without mocking out the weaver.

Another thing that came to light during my investigations is the amount of testing we actually do under JDK 1.3. None if any of the AspectJ 5 features, including LTW, are tested under 1.3 although they should work and the tests pass. Also none of the ajc150/151/152 bug fixes are run under JDK 1.3. While this is a slightly different problem from CLASSPATH it questions the value we get or should be getting out of building and testing under 1.3. Currently the harness assumes which tests you wish to run based on the environment you are in (JDK1.3/1.4/1.5); I think this should be more explicit and more inclusive.

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