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Re: [asm] Re: [aspectj-dev] bcel

>> The costs of switching
>> from BCEL to ASM might be just too high.
>   That actually could be a good summer project...

What is about FindBugs as a first/best candidate to the such port? It is
based on BCEL and therefore has poor memory footprint / performance.

Not sure if eclipse or apache could pose as mentoring organization here :-/

> E.g. build some
> intermediate bridge that would use ASM underneath or some kind of source
> code analyzer/transformer to help with straight migration from BCEL to
> ASM tree API (maybe even as simple as Jackpot rules, or somehow reuse
> Eclipse's binary refactorings).

That would be cool for sure ...although I fear (just a gut feeling) it's not going to be *that* easy.

> I've been looking on such conversion
> process at some point and it seems there is big similarity between BCEL
> and ASM.

Well ....it would definetly be a very interesting project.