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RE: [aspectj-dev] AspectJ 1.5.1 is now available

Hi Pavel,


At the AOSD.06 conference, I presented on how we’re using AspectJ to monitor user input, handle UI macros and track exceptions for diagnostic tools that are widely used at DaimlerChysler (there are thousands of these tools in use). You can see other presentations about industry use from this year at http://www.aosd.net/2006/archive/AOSD06%20-%20Industry%20Track%20Proceedings.pdf  Rob Harrop also presented some interesting examples of Spring users using AspectJ at different stages of maturity, including production use. It’s also worth noting that the popular Spring Framework is also distributing AspectJ aspects in Spring 2.0. The AOSD.05 conference also contained some great examples: http://www.aosd.net/2005/industry/index.php


I have also been working with the Glassbox team to create troubleshooting and performance monitoring tools using AspectJ (and JMX) that run in large-scale production Java EE environments.


You might notice that WebSphere 6.0 actually ships with aspectjrt.jar, so in fact many WebSphere users are using AspectJ. Adrian and Andy wrote a paper in 2004 http://aspectprogrammer.org/modules/sections/index.php?op=viewarticle&artid=18 describing work that led to this. If you look back at the archives, this is a FAQ and many users have in past posted testimonials to this very question, many of them in a Java EE environment.




p.s. this is a question that should go to aspectj-users, not aspectj-dev, so I’ve cc’d aspectj-users.


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Thank you and congratulation to whole team.

Some short questions:
Is somebody using AspectJ (any version) in production system (1000+ users)?
Is somebody using it inside J2EE server (more specific weblogic/websphere)?
Is somebody using AspectJ for wrapping around compiled JSPs (exception handling)?
Is Eclipse CME (Concern Manipulation Environment) dead horse?



On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 17:09 +0100, Adrian Colyer wrote:

We're delighted to say that AspectJ 1.5.1 is now available from the download page:


This release is primarily a bug fix and performance / memory usage release. Over 70 fixes and enhancements have been incorporated since 1.5.0, you  can see the list through this bugzilla query:


AspectJ 1.5.1 has significantly lower memory usage than AspectJ 1.5.0, especially when building inside of AJDT. The improvements are also noticeable when batch building with Ant, or when load-time weaving. Batch building a project with over 1000 source files with both AspectJ 1.5.1 and AspectJ 1.5.0 shows a 16% reduction in peak memory usage, and an 8% reduction in heap consumed by temporary objects. The AspectJ 1.5.1 compiler integrated into AJDT gives memory savings of at least 50%. The greater savings in the AJDT environment are due to improvements in areas such as structure model generation that are not exercised in a batch build.

An AJDT release incorporating AspectJ 1.5.1 will be available shortly.

We're grateful to all the users that submitted bug reports and patches for  this release, and for helping us to diagnose problems. In particular we'd like to thank Ron Bodkin and Helen Hawkins for their contributions and patches that have been integrated in this release.

We plan to continue working in the 1.5 stream on quality, performance, and memory usage improvements leading to a 1.5.2 release later this year. AspectJ 5 was a big step forward and we want to consolidate and give you the best experience possible when using AspectJ and the associated tools before we undertake any major new enhancements.

Thanks and stay in touch
-- The AspectJ Team.

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