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Re: [aspectj-dev] bug or not bug ?

sorry for late answer ....

We use 1.5.0 (latest production).
Some additional info:
when ibmorb.jar (com.ibm.CORBA.iiop.ObjectResolver lay in) is included into the classpath, compilation under sun JDK is ok.
By my opinion it is a proof that aspectJ is still to eager ...

I am going to try version from the repository, may be some fix exists ...

best regards

Matthew Webster wrote:


This may be a problem that we have seen before. We have sought to reduce the "eagerness" of the type resolution and even introduced a Lint warning. Which version of AspectJ are you using?

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Hi folks,

problem definition:
AspectJ looks for classes indirectly referenced through the jars on the classpath during compilation (weaving).
It seems to be o.k., but under IBM virtual machine there are classes defined (in "core" jar files namely ibmorb.jar) that doesn't exist under Sun virtual machine and that implies that the same project can't be compiled under Sun.
Compilation with javac passes under both of VM.

The error message looks like:

C:\honza\projects\navigationDemo\demo_bl\demo_bl-was6\target\main\generated\cz\kb\gdf4j\navigation\demo\EJSRemoteStatelessDemoBeanHome_605b51d5.java:12:0::0 The type com.ibm.CORBA.iiop.ObjectResolver cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files info weaver operating in reweavable mode. Need to verify any required types exist.

In my opinion AspectJ must have same behaviour as javac, i.e. only one level of class references should be verified.

Please let me know your opinion.

best regards
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