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[aspectj-dev] New committer nomination: Matthew Webster

In accordance with our Eclipse project charter (http://www.eclipse.org/technology/technology-charter.html), I propose that Matthew Webster be granted commit rights on the AspectJ project, and call for a vote from the existing committers on this matter.  The case for granting Matthew Webster commit rights on the AspectJ project is set out below.

If you are in favour please respond by voting '+1'
If you are in opposition, please respond by voting '-1'
You may abstain by voting '0'.

This vote is for existing committers on the AspectJ project only.

Matthew has been involved with the AspectJ project for a number of years - and during that time has progressed from a regular user to now being a key member of the team that now designs and develops AspectJ (he is also one of the authors of Eclipse-AspectJ).  Besides the coding, he continually provides helpful advice on the mailing lists and in bugzilla comments.  In related work, Matthew is already a committer on the new equinox sub-project that involves integrating AspectJ into the OSGi framework ( http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/incubator/aspects/index.php ).  His particular area of expertise is loadtime weaving but as this bugzilla evidence shows, he has contributed in all kinds of ways:

31460    Weaving class loader
36071    ajc 1.1 rc1 should copy resources similar to java compiler
41952    XLint warning for call PCD's using subtype of defining type
49743    performance improvements for runtime library
72154    Support for simple dump file
95516    aop.xml -outjar
95529    concrete-aspect
107741    Update WeavingURLClassLoader
112817    Commit Patch to Reduce Overhead for LTW with No Aop.xml on Classpath
117854    LTW with Hibernate/CGLIB/ASM
120543    Issue version message during load-time weaving

40943    Binary weaving should copy non-Java resources from "-injars" to "-outjar"
41181    Support SerialVersionUID field if no new fields declared on class
41527    Allow "manifest copy" warning messages to be suppressed
47910    ajc -outjar jarfile does not contain MANIFEST.MF
57666    duplicate manifests cause resource-copying to gack
62227    Load Time Weaving aborts on any kind of warning (declare/xlint)
71339    AJC produces partial output jar file, when there are warnings during weaving
74238    Applet which uses cflow pointcut gets AccessControlException
77163    Load time weaver default verbose setting
83380    'enum' should not be used as an identifier
95517    ajc pseudo LTW not consistent with LTW
113510    readAspect
114897    -XnotReweavable should be default for LTW
115275    aop.xml aspect include
116254    AjTypeSystem interface cannot be used in LTW environment
116255    XML Linkage Error with LTW
116626    Load-time weaving - exception from the weaver
116899    Using -verbose in aop.xml does not yield info messages
117189    Contribution: reduce overhead when no aspects define
118715    Load Time Weaving wipes out Xlint files if no Xlint values
119657    IllegalAccessError with around advice on interface method call
120363    LTW weaver include and exclude does not behave correctly
120633    Accumulate messages issued during WeavingAdaptor intialization of flush if -verbose

If these rights are granted, Matthew will continue to perform analysis of bug and enhancement requests for AspectJ, and contribute fixes to the loadtime and weaver modules (and potentially others as the occasion demands). Whilst getting to grips with other areas of the codebase, we place in Matthew the trust to make these enhancements via a patch rather than a direct commit in his own right on any occasion where he is not certain of the correctness of a proposed change.

I'll start:   +1


AspectJ Committer