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Re: [aspectj-dev] RC1 coming soon?

Alexandre Vasseur wrote:
> The bug list is indeed a good measurement. That said feel free to
> contribute fixes along your bug reports if you can, this will help
> shorten the list, as in every open source project.

thanx to Andy for the longish link to the bug list. Indeed, it is a good
measurement and gives you a good feeling when Christmas is coming (as I
learned from some other postings: Christmas is, when AspectJ 5 will be
out;-). I noticed that since this morning there were 3 bugs closed. Good
job - it really seems that you are working 25h / day and 100 minutes / hour.

> Olivier, I hope you noticed we changed some of the details for
> @AspectJ mainly declare annotation for this style will not be
> supported in 1.5.0, and declare parent is looking slightly different.
> This will surface in the next published docs, but get it from the CVS
> if you need to  fix your book. I am sure you will be willing to wait
> some for up to date and accurate content for your book rather than
> hurry up and ending up with both bugs in the shipment and features
> deltas in your book.

I think you mean the changes from M3 to M4 - yes, these changes I
noticed because my examples doesn't work. But I think after M4 there
were no changes, only bug fixing. @declare parents should work now in
the next build as I read in a later posting so I will try it again this
weekend and have also a look at the changed docs at

Merry Christmas ;-)

> Alex
> On 10/25/05, Oliver Böhm <boehm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I guess the plan on http://www.eclipse.org/aspectj/plans.php is a
>> little bit outdated (or I missed something;-) When I extrapolate the
>> dates correct RC1 will come soon and we can count on the final version
>> about midth of November. Is this realistic?
>> I ask because first I want to finalize my book and secondly I manage
>> the AspectJ Winter Camp at the beginning of December (8.-10., see
>> http://www.jugs.org/ajwc/) where I want to use both: the book and
>> AspectJ 5.
>> regards
>> Oliver
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