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RE: [aspectj-dev] Could you please check this in?

Wes Isberg wrote:
> Again, thanks.  As mentioned in
>   http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/aspectj-dev/msg01790.html
> the way to contribute is to create a Library bug (request for
> enhancement) and attach the code.  Then we schedule it for
> review/action (along with other things-to-do/bugs), evaluate the
> code/bug on the record, and check it (or some variation) in if all is
> well.    

Hi, Wes. On the last conference call I was told to just post the stuff here.
That's why I did it that way. Shall I still raise an enhancement then?


Eric Bodden
Chair I2 for Programming Languages and Program Analysis
RWTH Aachen University