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Re: [aspectj-dev] @DeclareAnnotation not supported?

That's right, in the declare statements section of the @AspectJ
chapter, immediately after the @DeclareAnnotation example we state:

"Note: Declare annotation is not available in AspectJ 1.5 M3 and
syntax may change when the design and implementation is complete."


We'll push on with implementing the new M4 functionality shortly once
the crop of problems uncovered by folks moving up to M3a for the first
time have been dealt with.

Cheers, Adrian.

On 30/08/05, Oli B. <boehm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> for the annotation based style I get the message "Found
> @DeclareAnnotation while current release does not support it" for the
> following aspect:
> @Aspect
> public class AnnotationAspekt {
>     @DeclareAnnotation("verwaltung.Person")
>     @LifeStyle Object hugo;
> }
> There is no hint for it in the documentation but I guess it is not yet
> implemented in M3, right?
> regards
> Oliver
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