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[aspectj-dev] AspectJ Winter Camp in Germany


I'm board member of the JUGS (Java User Group Stuttgart) and we want to
repeat our AspectJ Sommer Camp 2003 (http://www.jugs.de/ajsc/index.html)
in November (now as winter camp). If you have interest to participate at
this event and report about AspectJ and where it will go tomorrow please
contact me (don't worry when I doesn't answer immediately, I'm often
offline for several days). Also experience reports are welcome, also
other ideas and contributions for this event.

When I remember correct Adrian was on one of the code camps, not the
AspectJ camp, but the Camp Eclipse 2002
(http://www.jugs.de/CampEclipse/), where he presents the AJDT plugin. We
have just started the planing phase but it will probable the same
location (Stuttgart, Germany).

kind regards
Oliver Böhm