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RE: [aspectj-dev] AOP and security

Hi Sree,

The slides for two presentations I have given on the topic are available:
* Techniques for Fine-Grained Java Application Security at
* Security Aspects at http://www.aosd.net/2005/archive/Security_Aspects.ppt 

One place to find papers on the topic is the proceedings for workshop on
Aspect-Oriented Software Development Technology for Application-Security:
see http://aosd.net/2004/workshops/aosdsec.php

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Subject: [aspectj-dev] AOP and security

Hi All,
I am very new to AOP and hope if someone can please help me. I was reading
some articles on introduction of AOP which always says that using AOP we can
solve the security problems.
Could some one just tell me any article which clearly explains how can AOP
solve the security problem or just tell me in brief how this can be done?

Expecting an earlier response for this mail...
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