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RE: FW: [asm] Fwd: [aspectj-dev] Extension of ASM to SupportAspectJAttributes?

Fair enough. Alex's subsequent summary that the AjAttribute contains
serialized AST representations is a good one (from some inspection). While
this may well be the most efficient format, it certainly couples the
attribute spec. to the AJ implementation, which makes it less likely as a
possible standard for storing aspect information in bytecode.

Alex & Jonas, how much of this did you tackle in supporting AspectJ weaving
in the AW 2.0 weaving container? I wonder how abc handles this.

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Yep, the very most accurate kind of all. See the AjAttribute.read method in
org.aspectj.weaver.AjAttribute. The doc is completely up-to-date if a
little verbose :)

24 April 2005 19:10
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Subject: FW: [asm] Fwd: [aspectj-dev] Extension of ASM to Support

Back to AspectJ-dev... Is there any documentation out there for the format
of AspectJ byte code attributes?

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   I see...

   I don't mind to put this attribute to the list of default ASM
   attributes, unless Eric have objections for that.

   Do you have format specs for this attribute or maybe ASM-based
   implementation? :-)


Ron Bodkin wrote:
> It seems to me that AspectJ support would benefit other users of ASM. Re:
the attribute format it dates back to 2001 so the annotation attributes
didn't exist. If they did you could debate whether they'd be appropriate
use by a language extension.
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>  Attributes?
> Alexandre Vasseur wrote:
>    Maybe the best approach would be to add an option to JarJar tool to
> specify custom attributes (e.g. list of additional classes and put these
> classes in a classpath). This way you can plug in any additional
> attributes to JarJar.
>    By the way, I wonder why AspectJ didn't use standard annotation
> attibutes and needed a proprietory AjAtrribute?
>    regards,
>    Eugene
>>I am forwarding here an interesting use-case around JarJar, and a
>>request regarding ASM thingies to read AspectJ custom attribute
>>(AjAtrribute) coming from Ron - initially on AspectJ mailing list
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>>From: Ron Bodkin <rbodkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Date: Apr 24, 2005 3:25 AM
>>Subject: [aspectj-dev] Extension of ASM to Support AspectJ Attributes?
>>To: AspectJ developer discussions <aspectj-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Hi All,
>>Does anyone have an extension to Objectweb's ASM library that defines the
>>bytecode attributes that AspectJ attributes use? It looks like this would
>>relatively easy to write, as long as you know the format for these
>>attributes. you would just define subclasses of Attribute that understand
>>how to parse the AspectJ-specific attributes.
>>I ask because I've been trying to use a tool, "jar jar links", which lets
>>you rename packages in dependent jars (e.g., mapping
>>org.apache.commons.logging to org.myprod.foo.commons.logging) and collect
>>the result as a single jar. This uses asm to parse & emit the classes,
>>transforming any packages it encounters. Jar jar's home page is
>>http://tonicsystems.com/products/jarjar/ (it can be hard to Google for,
>>you can imagine!)
>>I wrote a little aspect that patches asm to not choke on unknown
>>and to just emit them unchanged. This lets you jarjar up a project with
>>AspectJ aspects as long as you don't need library aspects or to reweave
>>aspects (since it doesn't know how to fix up the types inside AspectJ
>>pointcut attributes). It would also be nice to contribute a more
>>maintainable version of the enhancement to be included in jarjar, since
>>use of AspectJ to patch asm is expedient but dubious as an improvement in
>>modularity and the project is probably not going to adopt AspectJ for
>>Here's the aspect I'm currently using:
>>import org.objectweb.asm.Attribute;
>>import org.objectweb.asm.ByteVector;
>>import org.objectweb.asm.ClassReader;
>>import org.objectweb.asm.Label;
>>public privileged aspect PatchClassWriter {
>>       pointcut checkingAttr() :
>>               call(boolean Attribute.isUnknown()) &&  within(Attribute);
>>       // bypass attribute checks
>>       boolean around() : checkingAttr() {
>>               //System.out.println("checkAttr");
>>               return false;
>>       }
>>       // store the content for unknown attributes
>>       private byte[] Attribute.content;
>>       // match names for 2.0 RC1 and the apparently refactored version
>>cvs head
>>       pointcut inRead() :
>>               execution(Attribute ClassReader.a(..)) ||
>>               execution(Attribute ClassReader.readAttribute (..));
>>       // replace the read method in ClassReader
>>       Attribute around(ClassReader cr, Attribute[] attrs, String type,
>>off, int len, char[] buf, int codeOff, Label[] labels) :
>>         inRead() && args(attrs, type, off,len,buf,codeOff,labels) &&
>>this(cr) {
>>               //System.out.println("in read attr for"+cr);
>>               for (int i = 0; i < attrs.length; ++i) {
>>                       if (attrs[i].type.equals(type)) {
>>                               return attrs[i].read(cr, off, len, buf,
>>codeOff, labels);
>>                   }
>>           }
>>               //System.out.println("storing attribute data for "+cr);
>>           Attribute res = new Attribute(type);
>>           res.content = new byte[len];
>>           System.arraycopy(cr.b, off, res.content, 0, len);
>>           return res;
>>       }
>>       // output the stored byte array...
>>       after(Attribute attribute) returning(ByteVector bv) :
>>               execution(ByteVector write(..)) && within(Attribute) &&
>>this(attribute) {
>>               //System.out.println("reemitting attribute data for
>>           bv.putByteArray(attribute.content, 0,
>>       }
>>       //declare warning: checkingAttr(): "check attr";
>>       //declare warning: inRead(): "in read";
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